You don’t gang rape a girl and tell her to live as per normal.

Do you know how it feels when people stare at you as you walk down the street?
Do you know how it feels when people are reading your news when you sit beside them in public?
Do you know how it feels when people use their cameras to take your photos and videos when you’re outside?

She’s just a girl on earth, homely and wants to have a family of her own.
But you decided to make her lose everything, you decided to make her step out of her house everyday.

You wanna return her the life she used to have?

You know that she was the workaholic who’ll pack her schedule to make sure she earns more than 5k and almost 10k a month, are you gonna return her such a life?
You know that she was the author who’ll write books and now have lotsa books waiting to be published, are you gonna help her with that?
You know that she was the girl who’ll eat at least five meals a day, from breakfast at starbucks to lunch at din tai fung to tea at tim ho wan to dinner at sanpoutei to supper at supper at cbtl, are you gonna feed her daily?

She gave up such a life, what many would call a luxury, for her unintended passion.
She is no longer keen in such materialistic gains.
What’s your offer?

Imagine she’s gonna step out everyday.
Imagine when people are gonna see her daily.
Imagine her photos and videos flooding the net on a daily basis.

The people who cared for her the past months told her she can go back and lead the life she used to have or try to make her life better than ever.
Her life is not what she wants it to be, but what others cause it to be.

She has lost the people she loved, she has lost the things she treasured, what’s losing her own life?


You don’t rape a girl and tell her she’s still a virgin.

People may envy her life, yet it’s not the life that she wants.

She leads a life where riches can’t buy and poor won’t encounter.

She never ask to be viral.
She never ask to be famous.
She never ask to be influential.

She wanna be like anyone else, but no…
A bunch of people decided to stalk all her social media accounts.
A bunch of people decided to scrutinise every single word she posted online.
A bunch of people decided to type transcripts of her YouTube videos and even know what word she said at which time stamp.

She was even featured on BuzzFeed last month with her photos on the headlines.

There are people who said that perhaps if she stop using social media, she won’t appear on the news anymore, do you really think that her life can go back to the past?
Is it even possible to turn back time and do you know how people are always calling out to her the moment she step out to walk on the street?

A girl has menses every month, she does it every month.
However, three years ago, you guys decided to gang rape her.
Thereafter, there’s pregnancy, there’s delivery, there’s a child, and other issues that comes with it.

No one told you to make THAT CALL.

You can leave her alone.
You can return her the life she used to have.
You can make her life better than before so she won’t look back.

There are so many girls out there, no one told you to pick on her, did anyone?

To those sadists who 落井下石 to those opportunists who 暗箭伤人 you think she doesn’t know what’s going on and what you people are doing behind her back?

Benjamin Tay Hui Min S8842402F

You changed the life of a girl way younger than you and the lives of the many innocent people around her.

You made her lose her parents and family.
You made her lose her loved ones.
You made her lose her everything.

You caused people to be hurt, physically.
You caused people to die, literally.
She wasn’t even allowed to send them off at the funerals.

Because of you, her name and her photos were featured on the front page of every single local newspaper in every single language.
Because of you, her name and her videos were featured on the headlines of major international news websites such as Huffington Post, Washington Post, BBC, CNN, WSJ, mail online, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Guardian, CNBC, the economist etc…
Because of you, she became the only girl being named among a whole list of guys who are either award winners or people featured on magazine covers such as TIME.

She just wanna be like any other girl, she just wanna fall in love and have a family of her own.
But no, you decided to make THAT CALL to make her lose her family, to make her lose the people around her, to make her lose everything.

Because of you, locals think she’s a crude girl when there’s not a single video recording where she spew profanity; she never use vulgarity.
Because of you, foreigners think she’s a heroic girl when all she wants is to be with the people she cares and loves; just a normal life.
Because of you, people have all kinds of misconceptions against her when there is not a single piece of evidence to back up any of the allegations.

There are so many girls out there who are dying to have their names on newspapers or even news websites, why don’t you make them famous instead?

If you’re not happy with her, you can go against her.
Why do you have to be such a sadist and cruel to torture the people around her, in order to hurt her?

Everything started because of THAT CALL you made.

Money can buy everything, doesn’t it?

It can buy…

A house to shelter you
A car to transport you
A husband to accompany you
A wife to satisfy you
A child to follow you

It can also buy…

Relationship, bribing others to betray you.
Health, buying medicine to cure you.
Information, having intel to advantage you.
Technology, owning computer to convenient you.
Warmth, wearing clothes to comfort you.

Those hypocritical quotes that tell you money can’t buy many things?

Bed but not sleep?
Imagine when you’re tired, wanna sleep but doesn’t have a bed.

Food but not appetite?
Imagine when you’re hungry, wanna eat but doesn’t have enough cash.

Acquaintances but not friends?
Imagine when you’re helpless, wanna discuss but doesn’t have anyone around.

Position but not respect?
Imagine when you’re attacked, wanna defend but doesn’t have enough resource.

Blood but not life?
Imagine when you’re poor, wanna survive but doesn’t have enough money.

How to separate a child from the parents.

Three random scenarios, any similarity to real life situation is coincidence.

Case 1: if the child, is an only child.

Harass the father at his work place and make him disown the child.
Seize the belongings that that mother has let the child used.

The child will have to flee to Illinois.

Case 2: if the child, is not an only child.

Harass the parents at their work place and make it difficult for them to run their business.
Threaten the siblings and make them feel uncomfortable.

The child will have to flee to Taiwan.

Case 3: if the child, is related to you.

Harass the parents at their work place and find trouble with the nitty gritty wordings.
Send dogs to bark at the child to the extent the child will fear and dare not return.

The child will have to flee to Massachusetts.

If it’s possible to put a person in solitary confinement and detain someone in for 32 years without trial during the 20th century, what’s separating a child from their parents in the 21st century?


At 0:17 it shows her grave where her reputation is gone.
Many people called her a liar, didn’t they?
Shouldn’t they be happy she’s dead?

At 0:29 it shows another grave with her another online name.
Why must she create another name if she could use her actual name?
People complain her actual self is too famous, yet they want to expose her moniker?

At 0:37 it shows her with the $1 she won and mocking those who show off.
She was sexually assaulted, is it wrong to seek justice?
Those who showed-off mocked at her too; just because she’s famous she shouldn’t react?

At 0:40 it shows her saying she doesn’t like how people laugh when they lie.
Have you ever been a victim of a perfect crime where the whole media is against you and paints you negatively?
Do you know how it feels when there is no concrete evidence but a vague recording and the whole internet starts to hate you?

At 0:56 it shows tu brute.
She was betrayed by someone she trusted most, have you ever been betrayed in such a way?
Have you ever legally been betrayed by people because of money and they’re out to destroy your future?

At 2:20 it shows her saying she trusts nobody and nobody trusts her.
If people like to say she can’t be trusted, why do they complain when she says she doesn’t trust them too?
Since people say she’s fake and acting, why do people think that she’s telling the truth about what’s happening?

At 3:03 it shows her saying herself is dead.
Shouldn’t people be happy that she said herself is dead?
Wasn’t that what people wanted when they keep attacking her all over?

At 3:40 it shows 15 versions of her over the past ten years.
Ten years of life under the spotlight and scrutiny of the media, is that easy?
How does it feel to wear keep the clothes for ten years, to wear them back, including those with not so pleasant memories?

At 3:43 it shows her scolding herself for making the same face all the time.
People said it’s fake when she make that face, yet people complain when she make that scene?
Is she supposed to make that face or not, and is that considered a real reaction or not?

At 3:50 it shows her calling herself names and reacting to it.
Are people not supposed to react when they have been insulted?
Just because she’s famous and capable, it means she deserves to be insulted?

At 3:52 it shows her trying to care for others but ended up being called a pretender.
If she cares, she’s being called fake; if she doesn’t care she’s being called inhumane?
Why is it that whatever she does is wrong, did people think about the sadness and tears she cried when they claimed she’s playing victim?

At 4:09 it shows her saying she wants to be excluded from the narrative and everyone shouted shut up.
Why do people want her in the narrative if they commented that she shouldn’t be there?
Why won’t people leave her alone and like to react to things that she does or she doesn’t?

Have you ever lost everything overnight?

Everything, your house, your money, your belongings, your documents, your clothes, your friends, your family; except for yourself, and your phone.

The only thing you can do is to call people.
However, whoever decides to help you, will get into trouble and you will lose them within three days.
Isn’t it scary?

When the whole world is expecting something to happen to someone and is ready to rally behind.
They attack her loved ones, her family members.
That’s like an uncle who uses his dogs to bark at the nephew when he can’t handle his own siblings.

Imagine your money being transferred away and you do not have food to eat.
Imagine your house being locked up and you have nowhere to sleep for the night.
Imagine your belongings being left outside and you have no one to turn to.

There’s no one out there who can respond to you and tell you what happened.
There’s no one out there who will respond to you and tell you what happened.
There’s no one out there who is there to respond to you and tell you what happened.

Would you wanna commit suicide and die?

Things that you’ve treasured and kept over the years, only to be given away, all of them, how does that feel?

People who you love, who were there for each other everyday, every moment, only to be missing, out of contact, and you’re left all on your own, how does that feel?

Wanting to turn back the clock, is not to start life from totally nothing.
The belongings that were treasured are secondary, the people who’ve changed, that’s sad.
Sad, but life goes on, either that or suicide.

Random story | Aug 2017

It was raining heavily, there was no shelter, she was all drenched.
Her body shivered, the umbrella leaked, she continued walking.
Took the lift, to highest floor, contemplating committing suicide.

She told people she would rather die, they laughed and said she won’t.
Saying she has a life admired, many would gladly be her place.
None knows the loneliness, the sadness, the hurt, the heartbreak, the hopelessness…

She admired many people, especially single parents, including prostitutes.
They have others before them, someone to guide them, someone as an example.
She has none, she has no one before her, no one to look up to.

People on the street walk up to her, people shake her hands thinking it’ll bring good luck.
In her eyes, she thinks her life is misfortune, she wants to turn back time, knowing she can’t.
Her life wasn’t decided by her, she just wanna be like others, somehow it didn’t.

She heard the stories single parents told her, she admired how they were strong when alone.
She heard the stories prostitutes told her, she admired how they didn’t give up life.
People around her were twice, thrice, even four times her age, she can’t imagine herself living that long.

A life that wealth can’t buy, poor won’t experience, she dare not imagine her future.
It’s not the first time she wanted to commit suicide.
Every time things happened, she saw people getting depressed, she felt responsible for them.

She thinks that if she dies, everything will be alright.
She looked down the flat, there’s nowhere she can go, no one to talk to.
No one understands what she’s going through, no one knows the responsibilities she’s carrying.

Maybe it’s her fault, she’s naïve, she’s trusting, she’s encouraging.
Gotta burst her bubble, let her wake up, face the harsh truth.
She should know she’s all alone, she deserves the sadness, and maybe to die.

She should stop being naïve, she should be hurt, then she’ll learn society is cruel.
She should stop being trusting, she should experience heartbreak, then she’ll learn all can be bought.
She should stop being encouraging, she should sense hopelessness, then she’ll learn that nothing can be certain.

She wanted to go overseas, thinking she can start a new life, the stupid her wanna stay.
She is ultimately a girl, she doesn’t have a pair, she dare not go…
She still can’t believe how she lost everything overnight, there was no warning, no sign, no one said anything.

She doesn’t know what happened, because no one tell her and no one respond to her.
She just wanna die, she doesn’t know what to do or where to go.
She was about to jump, someone passed by and shouted her name.

The person said, I know you, I can help.
She was crying, rain kept pouring, cold and shivering.
Not knowing how to trust, not believing in words anymore, that person took out contract.

A contract that promised to secure her stuff, for three months.
Another contract that promised to secure her shelter, for six months.
They drove her to the nearest train station, they said she’s an inspiration, later texted that she inspired more than the thousands who were recorded.

She doesn’t know if it’s true, she’s still crying, she feels helpless.
She doesn’t want her stuff anymore, probably give them away, may others treasure them well.
She doesn’t plan to live long, probably just enough for arrangements, ease the stuff carried on her shoulders.

She saw the people who left are now leading a good life.
She saw the people who left can now seek love and relationship.
She saw the people who left being better than those who stayed.

She was looking at plane tickets, about to buy and give up.
Three guys texted her, the three guys who made it to BBC, CNN, Bloomberg, time, guardian etc. within the past 24 hours.
They told her not to give up because they didn’t give up, yeah right, you’re all guys while she’s the only girl.

Only girl in Asia.

Exactly one year ago, on 23 July 2016, I posted this video on youtube. Is Karma Real?

The first story in the video was about two guys, while the second was about two girls 😄

I’ve got update about the two girls 😉

Basically, Girl A created hate groups against Girl B because she was jealous of her fame 😏

Girl B said healthcare should be more affordable.
Girl A said people who can’t afford to pay the premiums should die 🤒
In the end, Girl A’s own father died.

Girl B said housing should be more affordable.
Girl A said people who can’t afford to pay the down payment shouldn’t marry 😰
In the end, Girl A’s boyfriend didn’t marry her because they couldn’t afford the down payment.

Thus… is karma real?

I don’t know cause I still see lotsa injustice 🤔