It has been 7 months since I’ve got no family and no one to talk to

I saw this photo as I was scrolling down my feed when I was taking a break from packing my stuff.

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#FirstTime #Travelling #Germany #Swiss #SwissAir Craving for #swisschocolate #chocolatecravings begins now, gonna eat the moment on board 😋 Though just had dinner at #changi #changiairport now im bored 😂 reminiscing the first time i went overseas, wanted to bring the entire house lol… then it became bringing the necessities, now i dun think I've finished packing but we can always buy upon reaching 😂😂😂 when one has been to #thirdworld countries like #india #indonesia #thailand as well as #firstword countries like #france #netherlands #finland home is still the best place to be 😊 though I've not board the plane, im starting to miss #Singapore hahax Of course, it'll be good if we really do have the swiss #standardofliving instead of swiss #costofliving 😄 Realised that many guys enjoy looking at air stewardesses but wouldnt want their gf to be one too 😏

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I miss my family a lot.
When I was printing my flight, I realized that I will be taking the exact same flight to the exact same place two years ago.

Previously, I’ve got my loved ones to hug and lean on, be it on my right or left.
This time round, I’m gonna be all alone.

In the past, doing laundry means putting my clothes into the washing machines followed by dryers and I shall have fresh clothes within a maximum of five hours.
Now, doing laundry means waking up early when no one is using the toilet and hoping that there’ll be sun so that my clothes can dry.

I enjoy cooking and I miss my own cooking very much.
Sometimes, I hope I can be 35 right now in order to buy my own house and cook my own meals.
My friends are telling me I’ve gotta learn to survive this trip and learn to be alone.

It’s gonna be the biggest event I’ve ever attended in my entire life.
One of my friends said if I’m gonna cry throughout the flight, I’m gonna end up with swollen eyes during presentation…

I used to need to talk to people every single moment.
I’ve got so many things to say and if I don’t talk, I’ll die, kinda.
I never know that I could survive keeping so many things to myself the past 7 months.

Yeah, 7 months…

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