My body reacted negatively to Myanmar food

Last night, I vomited from 8pm to 2am this morning.
Then, I’ve got diarrhoea until 9am 🤒

In the end, my roommate gave me two medicines and I fall asleep from 2pm till 7pm…

Here’s a random story:
There was a girl who gave a speech.
Her speech was inclusive and people supported her, it went viral.

However, she was attending an event and the organisers were unhappy that the participants shared her postings instead of theirs.
They made her delete her postings, which she did as she was unwell and couldn’t be bothered to argue.

She deleted it and everyone started asking why is it gone?
She did her research well and people wanna share to raise awareness, why would she delete her posting for no good reason?

In the end, the organisers tried to be nice to her friends, because they got scolded by others who’re of a higher “rank” lol…
Anyway, that wasn’t her best speech ever and by deleting it, she’ll be benefiting more.

Why get jealous just because others have more views and shares?
Life isn’t all about social media 😉

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