September 2017: This is a random story, any similarity to real life people is coincidence?

There is a young girl born after 1990, she is officially the “only girl” left in her country that’s ruled by the devils.
The devils caused her to lose her computers, laptops and many other things that she treasured which are very precious to her.
Obviously, she gave up all her material stuff in order for the people she loves to be safe and healthy.

Being the “only girl” among the list in the whole of Asia, people are concerned about her wellbeing.
In order to prove that things are going well in her life, she has to continue making her YouTube videos and having conversations that gotta be verified by codes in her laptop.
Yes, her laptop.

If the laptop doesn’t belong to her, the software and codes won’t work, people will know that are things are wrong.
As people can no longer see her uploading new YouTube videos, unable to have video calls with her…
They know they gotta see her ASAP for she’s not alright.

Just think about it…
Why would she give up things that she has clearly said that she wants?
Why would she give up items that she has clearly said that she treasures?
Why would she give up people that she has clearly said that she loves?
She still want them, she still treasure them, she still loves them…

If you want, you can give it back to her.
You can give her the life that she used to have.
Yet you chose not to, she also kinda sick and tired of asking for her belongings back.

So yeah…
She’s gonna move on with life, she will meet whoever wanna see her.
Remember, you are the one who made a famous girl go roaming on the street.

You can hurt her, you can take away her stuff, you can make her cry.
She will wipe away her tears, she will let time heal the wounds, she may or may not want her belongings back after that.

But she is definitely going to 🤔😏😉

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