Cost of living in Singapore for 2017

Today, I calculated the bare minimum amount of money needed for a person to survive in Singapore as a Singaporean.

Rental in Singapore costs $350.

That’s for a shared bed space, where four people are being squeezed in a room.
A private room for one person is at least $500 and and above.

Transport in Singapore costs $150.

The concession card costs $120 and another $30 is when the trains breakdown.
Nowadays, they don’t even report when it breakdowns, which can be for hours.

Insurance in Singapore costs $50.

This is the cheapest where one can only stay in a C ward, which is the lowest ward possible.
It’s double the price if you wanna stay in a B2 ward, even more if it’s a B1 or A ward.

Phone in Singapore costs $50.

The mobile plans online seems cheap, however, there are many hidden costs.
An example is that you’ve gotta pay $5.35 every month for the caller ID.

Food in Singapore costs $400.

That’s about $13 a day – $3 for breakfast, $4 for lunch, $4 for dinner and $2 for supper.
No buying of drinks, gotta drink tap water all day long.

I eat chicken rice, char siew rice, duck rice and mixed veg rice.
Sometimes I add braised eggs, I also buy loafs of bread to prevent myself from starving and getting gastric pain.

What else have I missed out?

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