2017 Sep, someone’s email’s hacked.

First, there was a guy born in 1987.
He has a business degree and is now taking a law degree.
He claimed he has network and the media can be trusted, while those who don’t trust them are being paranoid.
He said that if people have a wrong negative impression about a person, that person deserves it.

Why did you walk to a girl and tell her she’s nothing that the media mentioned yet claimed the media can be trusted?
Why did you tell a girl she’s being paranoid when she’s stating facts about things that have indeed happened?
Did you even read all her postings and watch all her videos or are you reading what the media has lied about her?

Then, there was a guy born in 1995.
He was humble and claiming that he’s trying to network to learn.
However, he has already built a network and is now doing real projects with real people, wanting her to help bring him to the next level.
Doing real things and having real actions are beyond words.

When people went to take photos with her, they were like “you look familiar, are you her?”

It’s amusing when people say
“You are taller than what I’ve expected”
“You look prettier than what I see online”
“You sound better in real life than videos”

Not sure if those are compliments or insults?

That said, her height, her looks, her voice are what lawyers enjoy debating about.
What kinda society will hire people to stalk a young girl born after 1990?
What kinda people are so free to type transcript of the YouTube videos of a young girl and send it to both local and international media?

As lawyers…
Why don’t you debate about rule of law vs rule by law?
Why don’t the people talk about the abuse of powers by the uncle’s dogs?
Why aren’t people concerned about their own lives but bother about what a girl is posting on social media?

Also, they’re now hacking her emails to stop her from communicating with others.

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