At 0:17 it shows her grave where her reputation is gone.
Many people called her a liar, didn’t they?
Shouldn’t they be happy she’s dead?

At 0:29 it shows another grave with her another online name.
Why must she create another name if she could use her actual name?
People complain her actual self is too famous, yet they want to expose her moniker?

At 0:37 it shows her with the $1 she won and mocking those who show off.
She was sexually assaulted, is it wrong to seek justice?
Those who showed-off mocked at her too; just because she’s famous she shouldn’t react?

At 0:40 it shows her saying she doesn’t like how people laugh when they lie.
Have you ever been a victim of a perfect crime where the whole media is against you and paints you negatively?
Do you know how it feels when there is no concrete evidence but a vague recording and the whole internet starts to hate you?

At 0:56 it shows tu brute.
She was betrayed by someone she trusted most, have you ever been betrayed in such a way?
Have you ever legally been betrayed by people because of money and they’re out to destroy your future?

At 2:20 it shows her saying she trusts nobody and nobody trusts her.
If people like to say she can’t be trusted, why do they complain when she says she doesn’t trust them too?
Since people say she’s fake and acting, why do people think that she’s telling the truth about what’s happening?

At 3:03 it shows her saying herself is dead.
Shouldn’t people be happy that she said herself is dead?
Wasn’t that what people wanted when they keep attacking her all over?

At 3:40 it shows 15 versions of her over the past ten years.
Ten years of life under the spotlight and scrutiny of the media, is that easy?
How does it feel to wear keep the clothes for ten years, to wear them back, including those with not so pleasant memories?

At 3:43 it shows her scolding herself for making the same face all the time.
People said it’s fake when she make that face, yet people complain when she make that scene?
Is she supposed to make that face or not, and is that considered a real reaction or not?

At 3:50 it shows her calling herself names and reacting to it.
Are people not supposed to react when they have been insulted?
Just because she’s famous and capable, it means she deserves to be insulted?

At 3:52 it shows her trying to care for others but ended up being called a pretender.
If she cares, she’s being called fake; if she doesn’t care she’s being called inhumane?
Why is it that whatever she does is wrong, did people think about the sadness and tears she cried when they claimed she’s playing victim?

At 4:09 it shows her saying she wants to be excluded from the narrative and everyone shouted shut up.
Why do people want her in the narrative if they commented that she shouldn’t be there?
Why won’t people leave her alone and like to react to things that she does or she doesn’t?

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