Melodramatic Clash Royale Clan (Singapore Nova Esports Exodus)

(Note: Home address and phone numbers were revealed in clan chat but I’m not sure if it’s true or not so I’m not gonna repost them)

My clash royale clan promotes people when they hit the donation and crown requirements.
During the weekend, they will demote people who didn’t hit the requirements.

On 9 July 2017, drama happened.

It has been three days and the people in my clan thought that I’m siding @marcus_twj and @yuzukipearly because I didn’t comment during the drama, and I was scolded until the leader came to help me.
What they don’t know was that both of them have blocked me on Instagram.

Here’s how the drama unfolds in 10 screenshots…

Yuki Pearl

Clash Royale player #V2VCU8P YukiPearl who has changed name to ☆*:.HANAKO.:*☆, was demoted by a few coleaders.
Another Clash Royale player #V2VCU8P WjMarcus was unhappy and kept promoting it back.

WJ Marcus

WjMarcus started scolding people who demoted YukiPearl, he said that she is his girlfriend.

TWJ Marcus

WjMarcus started using dialect to scold people’s parents.

Marcus WJ

However, WjMarcus acted innocent in front of others who don’t understand dialect.

Marcus TWJ

As more people joined in the drama, WjMarcus started cursing people’s parents to die.

Pearl Teo Hui Qing

WjMarcus even said it was interesting.

Pearly Teo Hui Qing

He even asked people to curse his parents.

Yuki Pearly Teo Hui Qing

It was later revealed that “YukiPearl” who has changed name to “☆*:.HANAKO.:*☆” is actually someone known as Pearly Teo Hui Qing.
It was also revealed that Pearly Teo Hui Qing is someone who curses others like her boyfriend, to the extent that her own parents died and her own pet ran away from her.

Yuzuki Pearly Teo Hui Qing

WjMarcus kept using vulgarities and kicking people out of the clan.

Yuzuki Pearly Teo Hui Qing Marcus TWJ

After all the vulgarities, both left the clan.


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