Is Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong dishonest?!

I literally LOL-ed when I saw
“Hsien Loong and Ho Ching are being mischievious and dishonest”

Lee Hsien Yang posted:
“Hsien Loong should not use a committee of his subordinates to allege what he did not dare to allege in court.
Hsien Loong’s public statement to Parliament contradicts the statutory declaration he made to his secret committee. It is wrong to lie to Parliament and it is wrong to lie under oath.”

Lee Wei Ling posted:
“Hsien Loong and Ho Ching are finally showing their true colours… unsuitable as PM and most certainly as PM’s wife of Singapore.”

The most important point I want to put across is if PM can misuse his official power to abuse his siblings who can fight back, what else can he do to ordinary citizens?

Stalk young girls born after 1990?
Scrutinise her social media accounts, from her blog, to her twitter, to her Instagram, to her Facebook etc. and type transcript of her YouTube videos?
Send ministers to mention her name (on social media) and send high commissioners to criticise her (to foreign media) when the rest of the world is supporting her?

Actually, that’s not the point I want to put across.
I’m just wondering why don’t we put in more effort into building a country where our marriage rate will increase instead of decrease?
Why don’t we have policies that will increase our birth rate instead of having the lowest birth rate in the world, can anyone tell me ten countries that has a lower birth rate than us?

Can’t we build an inclusive society and stop publishing propaganda that elderly collect cardboard for exercise when the fact is their money is stuck somewhere which caused them to be unable to retire?
Wouldn’t it be better if we can state facts as it is instead of using words like “personal indiscretion” to cover up for adultery?

Isn’t it sad when NSmen died and their mothers have to beg online, when children commit suicide because they don’t trust the judiciary system, when people say you don’t need much space to have sex but it’s because they sell HDB at a profit of about 60% by setting it to land cost?

Anyway, every time I travel overseas, when people ask me how’s the education system of Singapore is like…
I say “amusing, Singapore top university NUS has their academics apologising on social media for their apology for being a non-apology, and it’s not just one academic who apologised”

By the way, do watch the whole video and leave constructive comments, such as what else have I missed out 🙂



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