My Clash Royale clan got taken over by Nova eSports

If you wanna know which clan I was in, just go to my youtube channel lol…
There’s more than one video about my previous Clash Royale clan, available there.

I saw this when I went to the main clan

pretty interesting since I’ve never heard of Nova eSports before.

The main clan has 45 guys and 5 girls when I was there

but I left the clan and went to the feeder clan.

The main clan is made up of guys born in 1980s.
The feeder clan has more girls than the main clan and we’re all born in 1990s.

I was at the main clan from 6am to 12pm.
It was bad, I fought about 20 battles and are either one crown or two crowns win.
My opponents were two or three king levels higher than me.

When I was back at the feeder clan, things went back to “normal”.
My opponents were one or two king levels higher than me.
And I could do three crowns win again LOL.


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