@hm (24 inches) @UniqloUSA (22 inches)

There’s this news circulating about H&M clothes being too small.
The smallest size for H&M is usually a waist size of 24 inches, Uniqlo has got 22 inches, I think they should have 20 inches instead LOL.

That’s not the point.

Every time someone complains about being unable to find a dress or a shirt of a bigger size, they get a lot of support.
People will say that you shouldn’t discriminate against those who are overweight, body shaming blah blah blah…

What about people who are born with high metabolism?
What about people who can’t find skirts or pants because they’ve got a small waist?

Oh, you’re lucky to be so slim.
Cannot find skirt? Wear long dress.
Cannot find pant? Wear long shirt.

Do you know how it feels to eat a lot but couldn’t gain weight?
Do you know how it feels to only get to wear dresses and long shirts?


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