May 2017

This 4-minute video was taken in one take.
Cause after that, the rain started pouring heavily.

The first minute is about a typo error in my 2017 May’s random story.

The second minute is about what an incident where I was mistaken as a Taiwanese during my first trip to Taiwan last week.

The third minute is about how much Taiwanese despise Singaporeans to the extent that they even humiliated Singapore’s flag (video available).

The fourth minute is about a guy who was born in Singapore in 1997, he commented about how he and his older brother didn’t have to serve National Service LOL.

During Singapore’s national day rally in 2002, Singapore’s prime minister said:
“Fair-weather Singaporeans will run away whenever the country runs into stormy weather.
I call them “quitters”.
Has the younger generation of Singaporeans gone soft?”

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