2017 May’s random story

Here’s a random story.
Any similarity to real life situation is coincidence.

There were four people, A, B, C and D from an unnamed country.

A invited B to go mingle with people around the world and said C can come along.
So A, B and C decided to travel together.
However, A also told D to come along.
A and C know who D is but B doesn’t know at all.

Day 1

The day of the outing came, B arrived first, followed by D.
When B was waiting for A and C, D started telling everyone that D is A’s friend. D even started talking about the background of B.

B was shocked.
D didn’t even give any self-introduction when they are meeting for the first time.
Even if D has met B before, B doesn’t even know the existence of D at all.
Isn’t it creepy to have someone walk up to you and behave as though you both are longtime friends when B doesn’t even know your name?

Day 2

B was given the choice to sit with A, C and D.
B sat between A and C since B doesn’t even know who D is, D still didn’t self intro yet insist is the friend of B.
In the end, A help to break the ice between B and D.
The first thing D told B after that was, “the bimbo and I are gonna stand together and we can win because we’re good”

B was speechless lol…

Day 3

B decided to sit far away from D.
C followed B and went far away as well.
A sat beside D though.
Cause no one else wanna sit with D.

Every time after B spoke, D will wanna talk and put B down.
B kept silent cause it’s pointless arguing with a brainwashed person?
D even said things like
“I’m a lawyer and I’m on the dean list so I must be right”

How elitist…
That was when even A sat far away from D lol…

D used all sorts of methods to put B down in front of everyone.
What’s the point of a guy stalking a girl and keep trying to put her down in front of everyone?

Day 4

People started to get pissed off with D keep putting B down especially and asked B if B is ok.
B said it’s alright, just beware of people who can’t bring out facts and use propaganda or rumors in their arguments.

Every single day, B gets invited to speak but not D.
D was not invited there to speak.
But D will pretend to ask qns when D just wanna show off his elitism.

This was the most hilarious day of all.
Every time after B spoke, the entire hall will clap.
But after D speak, ppl will give the “r u sure?” facial expression.
That’s because D has never had any real-life experiences at all, everything was based on propaganda.

This day, D went to plagiarized everything B said HAHAHAHAHAX!!!
All A, B and C looked at each other and laughed.
The entire room laughed, then the moderator said, “we don’t need repetition” OMGosh

The four of them are overseas.
You are meeting people who know how to read between the lines, people who can plan, organize, analyses, train, educate etc…
You are not in your home country where liars get to accuse others or those who plagiarized get to malign the original person.

Even A decided to take the mic and say he won’t repeat what others have say.
A has a high level of tolerance, even A couldn’t take what D has been doing for the past 3 days.
That’s when everyone laughed.

Day 5

A, B and C went to the toilet during break.
B came out first and heard D telling everyone that D is close to B.
D even said if anyone wants to contact B, they must get through him lol…

That’s was when A and C came out of the toilet.
Then A told B to give people her email and C told B to give people her number.
Of course, she did.

But why did D wanna do that?
Why did D tell people D is B’s friend when D is not?
Why did D keep putting B down?
Why did D plagiarize B’s speech?

But don’t worry, D is not the first to copy what B did and D won’t be the last.

To be continued…


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