Singapore did not get invited to China’s one belt one road summit

China had the biggest diplomatic event for 2017 this month, on 14&15 May.

More than 20 countries were specially invited, including Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Turkey etc. but not Singapore 😂

China even invited North Korea but they didn’t invite Singapore 😂😂😂

Even Aung San Suu Kyi was invited, can you imagine Erdogan and Putin sitting in the same room?
Ok, don’t have to imagine, it happened 😱

But just not Singapore 😎 I’m not saying one belt one road is good or bad.
Life is about balance 😊 but the fact that Singapore is not invited, the fact that the world doesn’t respect Singapore’s incumbent prime minister and president 😏

I smile 😄

How many Singaporeans out there even know what’s obor?
less to say the content or implications? 🤔

On a side note, there was a meeting among the ASEAN foreign affairs ministers last month.
No need to guess, Singapore was not there 😌

How does it feel when Donald Trump refuse to sign the tpp and Xi Jin Ping didn’t invited you for obor 🤔

It’s like wanting to marry an American but got rejected…

and now?
Throwing oneself to the #prc 😂

Do you know how much China gave to countries like Laos and Cambodia?

Yet Singapore is publishing news daily, saying that Singapore can hand money to China just to be part of one belt one road?

Where’s that money gonna come from?
Singaporeans 😎

From their salary every month 😉

Want me to explain more?
I can make a YouTube video bout that 😄 but it’ll be next month cause I’m flying off this weekend 😇


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