Exposing Home Team Propaganda published by Night Owl Cinematics aka Ryan Sylvia

It’s 1 May 2017!
Do you know the origin of labour day and how it’s being remembered around the world?

Anyway, more than 10 people on my facebook shared their propaganda video (which was just published yesterday) so I decided to click on it and watch.

In my video, I talked about the three most blatant propaganda:
1. Singapore Prison Service
2. Central Narcotics Bureau
3. Singapore Police Force

About three and a half minute through the video, that’s when I’ll tell you why I didn’t bother to expose the remaining two.
Cause I’m curious about the Internal Security Department!!!

Have you heard of the Internal Security Department?
Do you know of anyone who works there?

Why did they stalk the social media accounts of a young damsel born after 1990 and type transcript of her youtube videos?
Instead of solving real crimes and stopping violence?


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