Review of Chef Icon Nature Bakery: Strawberry Boston Cheesecake

I was looking for nice cakes to eat.

My Clash Royale clan leader recommended this place.
He said he brought his wife to try out the Chocolate Trovana.

Singapore Chef Icon

Unfortunately, when I was there, they didn’t sell that.
In fact, there was not a single Chocolate cake when I was there.

In the end, Chef Icon’s Strawberry Boston Cheesecake caught my attention.

Singapore Chef Icon Cake

I don’t like strawberry because it’s sour.
I don’t like cheesecake because I prefer chocolate.

However, Chef Icon managed to combine both the above and gave the cake a soft texture that melts in the mouth.
It wasn’t very sour but it tingles the taste buds.

Maybe, I was just fortunate that the strawberry they’ve used for the cake that I ate was not sour?

Anyway, they cut a 500g cake into 6 slices, that’s about 80g per slice.

$7.80 for a slice of cake that can be finished in 4 mouthfuls is pricey, which explains why the café was empty when I was there?


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