April 2017: This is a random story, any similarity to real life people is coincidence?

There was once a dictator who framed his opponents in the 60s. They fled and the dictator successfully ruled the country in his throne.

Twenty years later, some people tried to expose the dictator in the 80s. Using the same tactic, they were arrested and jailed by the dictator.

Another twenty years passed, people have became retarded. The dictator didn’t even need to use the same tactic. Because…

If you can select a population and they’re educated and they’re properly brought up, then you don’t have to use too much of the stick because they would already have been trained. It’s like with dogs.

After 40 years of brainwashing, the population was successfully indoctrinated with propaganda. More than 70% of the population was suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

Everywhere else in the world, young people were being creative and innovating, but not this country.

There were regional and international events. This dictatorial country didn’t get represented.

Amidst the dark overcast, a young girl was born. She managed to lead the remaining, the little population left, who ain’t brainwashed. Her young age and gender got her invited to represent the country in many conferences.

However, remember those people who fled the country? Those people who tried to fight the dictator before her, but failed? Those people who wanna be like her but couldn’t?

They’re out to stop her from attending overseas events. Their ego and jealousy got the better of them, to the extent they’re doing disgusting things like the dictator, using all sorts of methods to stop the young girl.

Even if she doesn’t represent the country, these egoistic maniac won’t be able to as well. Nonetheless, they continued using underhand methods to stop her.

Even if you can stop her from one event, you can’t stop her for all events. Shouldn’t you be doing things to help the people?

All the events have age limit, getting jealous of her doesn’t make you as young as her and when the country is not represented, does it make you happy?

You people are sick.


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