Review of John Wick

John Wick was released on September 19, 2014.
It had a budget of $20 million and managed to make $88 million.
That’s 4 times the capital.

The first 5 minutes of the movie was about John Wick’s female partner falling ill and dying.
After she died, she left him a dog to love and find peace.
However, the dog was killed by the son of his former boss.
If this is a typical trilogy, John Wick will most probably “find peace” in the last movie where he either dies or finds work in a dog-filled industry.

John Wick was the best in his former industry and allowed his boss to consolidate his position by eliminating all the boss’ opponents.
The reason why the son is behaving like a gangster is because of John Wick, yet the son doesn’t even know who is John Wick?
If the son knows who John Wick is, there’ll be no movies to watch and no money for them to earn.

Anyway, it’s like the prime minister who slapped his father’s right hand man, without him, you think the father and the son can both be prime minister?
If you know which country I’m talking about then 😉

About half an hour into the movie, John Wick has a luggage full of gold coins.
It reminds me of those chocolate coins during CNY hahax…
Yeah, I think of chocolates while watching movies.
But “a dinner reservation for 12” when said by John Wick, it means 12 corpses for to be cleaned up.

Imagine having a dozen friends asking you to bring them out for dinner, and you pick up your call to say, “a dinner reservation for 12” then stare at them.
It costs 12 gold coins to clean up each corpse, not sure how much each gold coin is worth though.
If the underground industry makes counterfeit money, is there an underground’s underground industry that makes counterfeit underground money?
Just wondering.

About 70 minutes through the movie, John Wick’s former boss let his subordinates kill John Wick.
In order to have drama, the subordinates got killed by John Wick instead.
So John Wick has the chance to run after his former boss and get him to reveal his son’s location for John Wick to kill.
Of course, the father revealed the son’s location and the son was indeed killed.

During this entire period, John Wick was assisted by a friend.
First, the gangster son killed John Wick’s dog.
Second, John Wick killed the former boss’ son.
Third, the former boss killed John Wick’s friend.
Finally, John Wick killed his former boss.

Moral of the story: do not kill dogs.


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