Review of Samy’s Curry Restaurant’s biryani rice

I went live on Instagram and Facebook today 🙂

The biryani rice costs $3.80 per person.

The white plate is fish tikka, $2 per piece.
I ate three pieces, that’s $6.

The silver plate is cauliflower, $6 as well.
This is the only place where I’ll eat the cauliflower.
Somehow, I just like the way they’ve cooked it.

There’s an option between chicken curry or fish curry for the biryani rice.
You can choose both.
However, I’m having phobia from all the chicken dishes this year, so I chose fish curry.

It comes with two crackers, some potatoes and cabbage, I think.
I’m not very sure if it’s cabbage, they serve different vegetables all the time.
Sometimes, they serve cucumber as well.

I didn’t eat them, I gave them away lol…

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