Damsel And The Beasts

If you have to threaten a girl with her loved ones, her youth, her future etc… in order to get her to say that she trusts you, do you think she really trust you?

If you beasts have to use physical actions against a damsel…
If you beasts can’t answer her questions and have to threaten violence against her…
If you beasts resort to imprisonment to coerce a damsel…

You’re a beast, all of you are worse than beasts to be exact.

Even if you can get her physically, you can never win over her heart.
Her emotion, her mind, her feelings etc… are all negative towards you.

Only beasts like you can be so proud of gang raping a helpless damsel.
Who in this world will gang rape and post it up online?
Only beasts like you.

The whole world is asking you to stop, only Singaporeans are daft enough to be brainwashed by your propaganda.

If a girl gets pregnant after a rape incident, it doesn’t mean she wants to be raped, that her ovaries accepted your sperms.
It just means you’re a beast to rape her and worse that a beast to say those words after raping her.

To threaten imprisonment, her future, her youth, her family…
You’re deplorable.



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