Review of luncheon at Singapore Civil Service Club (Tessensohn)

It was an 8-course luncheon as seen below:

1st dish
Not to my liking since I don’t eat raw fish.
The only thing that I ate was crackers.

2nd dish
Fake shark fin.
Reminds me of south park where it’s bad to kill dolphins and whales but alright to kill cows and chickens.
Akin to saying that it’s bad to kill sharks but alright to kill salmons.
I eat meat, I’m not gonna pretend.

3rd dish
Chicken, cause it’s the year of the rooster.
But I won’t wanna eat dog meat next year though, if you get what I mean.

4th dish
Fish, it’s the best dish of all.
But the fish meat was little, it was full of bones.

5th dish
Prawns, they say it’ll make one laugh.
But laughing doesn’t mean happy, just saying.

6th dish
I don’t like it, I’ve never eaten it and I don’t wanna eat one.

7th dish
Pandan rice, I think.
So-so, nothing interesting.

8th dish
Ice cream with some dunno what stuff.
Didn’t eat, doesn’t look nice to me LOL.


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