Female radio DJ spreading hate zzz

I saw a female local radio DJ spamming on some guys’ facebook  profile, asking them to hate on the damsel.

One of the guys was the poster boy for some shampoo company, his face was all over the train stations and he was also one of the main dancers for the propaganda videos.
He went to say that people should not hate on others blindly especially when they weren’t present to know what really conspired.

This female DJ then went on to say that he should hate the damsel because no one knows her background and she’s an attention seeker.
The guy said people should have facts instead of blindly believing the lies and rumours that are being spread.

The female DJ continued spamming until the guy unpublic the post and ignore her HAHAHAHAHAX.

This female DJ is almost 40 years old but she’s dating a guy in his 20s LOL…

Anyway, the guy and the damsel are friends on facebook, they know each other for more than a decade.
The damsel and the guy actually work together in their first film years ago.
When the guy asked the damsel to be in the video, she turned it down because she was camera shy and dislikes attention.
The damsel instead, took on the role of the director.

Stalkers like you keep taking her photos, videos and dedicate time on your radio station to brainwash Singaporeans to hate on her.
Ironically, you’re the one who calls her an attention seeker?

It seems that you’re trying to get her attention hoping she’ll mention your name one day?


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