Bought a pillow in 2017

Last night, I slept in a new pillow that was just bought.
It feels so comfy and I fell asleep in approximately 5 mins.

This live video is the bed I’ve been sleeping in the past one month or so:

The white pillow and the mattress is from the friend of my roommate, while the bedsheet is from my roommate.
There is no bolster and no blanket.

Yes, I slept with the window opened, even when there’s rain and the cold wind blows.
I got myself a new pillow because I’ve got a pimple on my face the other day when I slept on the side LOL…

I don’t really wanna buy stuff anymore, unless I really need them, like food or water.
It’s possible to sleep with hugging anything (such as bolster) and it’s possible to sleep without being hugged (such as blanket).
I’d like to remind myself how I’m someone that people can bear to treat me negatively easily.

Words speak, actions speak too, maybe louder.


“Horny” is not “open-minded” LOL!

I’ve got a lot of messages from Singaporean boys that I reply to when I’m bored.

Person: Are you open-minded?
Me: Your answer can be found from my YouTube videos 🙂

Person: How open-minded are you?
Me: More open-minded than you 😉

Person: Means we can talk about anything?
Me: We can talk about anything I’ve posted on my YouTube 😀

Person: What have you posted?
Me: Why don’t you watch all of them and tell me if you know what am I referring to?

Person: Would you be open to actions?
Me: May I know what actions do you have in mind after watching my videos?

*after watching*

Person: Why do you make those videos?
Me: Why not?

Person: Those are sensitive issues you know?
Me: You’re a conservative?

Person: No…
Me: May I know what actions do you have in mind after watching my videos?

*ignores me*

If you’re born in the 1950s why do you have to stalk a girl who’s born after 1990 and post it on your social media?

What kinda person go for a job interview and be like
“I specialise in stalking young girls born after 1990, my skills are to
– download every single posting she’s uploaded online
– hack into her phone to get all her videos and photos
– stalk her physically when her phone run out of batt
– type transcript of every single word she’s uttered
– scrutinise her actions both online and offline”

Not forgetting hacking her emails, tapping her calls, intercepting her messages etc…
How old are you? Born in the 1980s? 1970s? 1960s?
Or are you like 杀母幹 born in the 1950s?

My first time to yogyakarta 🛩

In the past when I travel, I’ll always bring back lotsa stuff, especially coffee. I don’t drink coffee but the ppl I love enjoy drinking them, thus I’ll get all the different varieties for them ☕

Nowadays when I travel, I’ll just tell myself to enjoy the scenery.
I literally live my life as though I’m gonna die 😔

When ppl travel, they think bout what they’re gonna do once they cross the immigration.
When I travel, I think bout what I gotta do if I can’t cross the immigration 😰

Ppl visit tourist sites to spend a whole day there and enjoy themselves.
I have to sneak out to tourist site and I’ve gotta make sure I’ve finished my work so that I can rush back to the event venue after taking a pic of myself at the tourist site 😴

When others return back to country, they’ve got a place to go, to bath, to eat, to sleep, to rest.
I’ll have to stroll on the street and wait for midnight before returning regardless of how tried I am, regardless of the jet lag or flight hours or the amount of stuff I gotta carry 😫

I can’t bear to but I think I’ve got no choice except to giveaway more stuff.
It’s sad, it’s pathetic, it’s life.
Not everyone is born with a powerful golden spoon 🙄

My body reacted negatively to Myanmar food

Last night, I vomited from 8pm to 2am this morning.
Then, I’ve got diarrhoea until 9am 🤒

In the end, my roommate gave me two medicines and I fall asleep from 2pm till 7pm…

Here’s a random story:
There was a girl who gave a speech.
Her speech was inclusive and people supported her, it went viral.

However, she was attending an event and the organisers were unhappy that the participants shared her postings instead of theirs.
They made her delete her postings, which she did as she was unwell and couldn’t be bothered to argue.

She deleted it and everyone started asking why is it gone?
She did her research well and people wanna share to raise awareness, why would she delete her posting for no good reason?

In the end, the organisers tried to be nice to her friends, because they got scolded by others who’re of a higher “rank” lol…
Anyway, that wasn’t her best speech ever and by deleting it, she’ll be benefiting more.

Why get jealous just because others have more views and shares?
Life isn’t all about social media 😉

For the first time, I posted a live video of myself on instead of deleting it because people are commenting about how different I look now 😏

I’ve got longer hair; I haven’t cut them for three months.
I’m now much fairer; I haven’t got time to tan myself.
I’m at my heaviest; I have to gain another 10kg to reach acceptable weight though 😎

These three months weren’t easy.
Thankfully, I’ve got people who support me through actions 😊

The main feeling I’ve got is sadness as it happened on my birthday, out of so many days in a year.
Nonetheless, to sacrifice oneself in other for the loved ones to be healthy and safe, I guess it’s worth it 🤔

I’ve learnt to stop saying I wanna turn back time.
(Me: You gave me this and I like it alot, look at how well I’ve kept it.
If I have to lose it, I rather turn back time and not have it in the first place.
Response: Turning back time means you will still want it because having this made you smiled since that day till now. If you still want it, then get yourself up and work towards the day you can have all of these again.
Me: Nah, I won’t want them anymore, let’s just move on and leave these sadness behind.)

I’ve learnt to stop hoping I can be like other girls.
(Me: Why don’t all these things happen to other girls out there?
Response: It did happened to them, all of you went through the same system but you’re the only person who is persistent which caused them to do what they did to you. Your behaviour, your passion, your belongings etc… they’re all different from other girls, don’t you see that?
Me: I did try my best to be like other girls…)

I’m now learning to accept that I’m different from the rest in the world.
(Me: People like rape victims or single mothers etc… they all have someone who has been there done that as real life examples.
Response: You choose to do things that no one else would, what do you expect?
Me: I expect myself to have a life like other girls?)

However, there’re still times where I wonder if there’s could be someone I can emulate lol 😂

#firsttime my finger changed colour and is in pain

I’m not allowed to turn on the light so I use the torch function in my phone to record this live video:

I’m not sure what happened and I didn’t hit anything or injure myself.
Somehow around evening time, my finger was painful and I couldn’t move my hand.

When I was on the way back, it turned blue black and is now purple.
It’s currently less painful as I’m typing while exercising it.

I’m also reading up what could be the cause but it’s scaring me 😦